The Free Agent
Directed / Produced by Anthony Molina

Free agent Tristan Bowen shows us what a typical day in his life looks like. 
The 1st homegrown player in MLS soccer history discusses the challenges of balancing his personal and professional life during free agency. 
Bowen exhibits a level of emotional maturity by continuing to work hard and remaining dedicated to his craft while still finding the time to express gratitude for every aspect of his life.
We see what drives Bowen when the bright lights of a stadium filled with thousands of passionate fans are replaced with the solitude of training alone while preparing for the next opportunity in his career.

As of recently, Tristan was signed by the Oakland Roots. 

Directed / Produced by Anthony Molina
Assistant Editor by Michael Burciaga
Music by Shy Monster
Narration by Michael Reid
Tristan Bowen on Runyon Canyon Park
A scene of from The Free Agent of Tristan Bowen overlooking Los Angeles from Runyon Canyon Park.
Living in LA and being surrounded by so many talented people and athletes is amazing. I think it just serves to inspire me to become the best version of myself.- Tristan Bowen

Marina del Rey Film Festival (Sept 10th, 2020)
Indie Film Festival (Feb 11, 2020)
Silicon Beach Film Festival (June 13th, 2019)
Queen Palm Film Festival (June 9th, 2019)
Dumbo Film Festival (June 7th, 2019)
New York Cinematography Awards (June 17 2019) ​​​​​

Los Angeles Television, Script and Film Festival | Best Short Documentary (June 19, 2019)
Global Film Festival | Best First Time Director (Jan 20, 2020)
World Premiere Film Awards | Best Short Documentary (July 31 2019)
Olympus Film Festival - Los Angeles | Best Documentary Short (July 10 2019)
Mindfield Film Festival - Los Angeles | Best Short Documentary (June 2019)
Indie Short Fest | Honorable Mention Best Original Score (May 24, 2019)
Queen Palm Film Festival | Best Sports Inspirational & Trailer (June 9th, 2019)
Indies Originals | Best Motivational Trailer (June 15 2019) 
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